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Harnessing Technology for Sustainable Forestry: The Role of Timbeter in Plantations

June 3, 2024
Harnessing Technology for Sustainable Forestry: The Role of Timbeter in Plantations

In the realm of sustainable forestry, technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient management and compliance with environmental standards. In this blog post we showcase how Timbeter, a digital solution designed to revolutionize the way wood and timber are measured and managed in plantations, enhances the operational efficiency throughout the supply chain and helps smoothly to comply with the upcoming EUDR requirements. 

  • Traceability: Timbeter solutions provide the possibility to track the timber movement throughout the entire supply chain. All the measurements have a geotag and the exact route of each shipment can be followed in real-time on the Timbeter‚Äôs dashboard. Geotag is also important for the EUDR compliance, providing automatic information related to the geolocation of all plots of land related to the timber origin.¬†


  • Enhanced productivity and erasing manual operations: ‚ÄúToday, people who use Timbeter declare that they do not want to go back to manual measurements,‚ÄĚ notes a spokesperson from CMPC in Chile. This highlights how Timbeter‚Äôs automated measurements streamline operations and erase time-consuming manual measurement operations on the field. By automating the measurement process, Timbeter reduces the need for extensive manual labor and minimizes the errors associated with traditional methods, thereby saving costs related to both time and human resources.
  • Accountability and reliable data: The analytics provided by Timbeter help managers understand forest resources better, making data-driven decisions in logistics, production and sales.¬† As highlighted by Green Resources in Africa, ‚ÄúThe use of Timbeter as a third party system for calculating volumes has completely negated the risk of bias present in manual measurement systems.‚ÄĚ This underscores Timbeter‚Äôs role in enhancing fairness and transparency in forestry operations.
  • Real-Time Inventory Management: Timbeter provides real-time data on timber volumes and stock, which is crucial for maintaining accurate inventory levels and helping to plan the next steps in the operations.¬† As noted by Mekong Timber Plantations in Laos, ‚ÄúTimbeter provides data that helps to get a more accurate reading of our timber stocks,‚ÄĚ emphasizing the precision and reliability of Timbeter‚Äôs measurements which are crucial for business operations and regulatory compliance. This enhanced accuracy ensures that resource management is both effective and there‚Äôs no wasted resources.

Real-Time Inventory Management

  • Improved Logistical Planning: With precise measurements and data analytics, plantations can improve their logistical operations, from harvest to market, ensuring that transportation is optimized and carbon footprint is minimized as the information about accurate volumes and assortments is available. This also helps to avoid half-empty or overloaded trucks.¬†

As the world moves towards more sustainable practices, technologies like Timbeter are at the forefront of the forestry industry, offering solutions that are efficient, compliant, and sustainable. For plantation managers, embracing such technologies is not just about enhancing productivity but also about contributing to the broader goals of environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Timbeter’s integration into plantation management practices presents a compelling case of how technology can transform industries to be more sustainable while complying with stringent regulations like the EUDR. As such, it stands as a crucial tool in the arsenal. Want to hear more - get in touch with our support team. 

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