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What Is It Like To Work At Timbeter Brazil? Interview With Selma Leite About Market Perspectives

December 6, 2023
What Is It Like To Work At Timbeter Brazil? Interview With Selma Leite About Market Perspectives

Timbeter opened its office in Brazil, Recife a year ago! To mark this important milestone we interviewed Selma Leite, our sales and support representative for private companies in Brazil.

First of all, can you tell a bit about your background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in biology with a master’s degree in animal biology, with work experience in the field of education, technology and innovation.

What was your first contact with Timbeter?

A little over a year ago I received an invitation to join the office of an Estonian technology company in Brazil. My main role was to support the Brazilian clients with the implementation of the innovation and thus contribute to the digitalization of the forest sector. I was invited and joined the global team of experts in Forest 4.0 and digitalization of the forestry sector.

And what is your day-to-day life like at Timbeter Brazil?

I work with our portfolio companies, help them with any technical questions and support them in getting the maximum value out of using Timbeter’s solutions. The clients use-cases are quite different, varying from measurement of fuelwood in the entrance, making the inventories, getting the input for sawmill production, etc. It is great to see that we work with very different companies in terms of size as well as the area of activity. It is not just the forestry and timber companies but also steel and food producers. Having a background in environmental engineering my work also includes a lot of environmental consulting for companies to help them increase their sustainability in operations.

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What do clients usually say about Timbeter?

What fascinates me most is designing the implementation of Timbeter in the process of proof of concept and witnessing the positive changes in each operation. Checking with customers, breaking the initial resistance to change and hearing at the end of the work “how easy it is to measure like this”, “we reduced the loss of wood because we now know the stock”, “we got a 10 in the audit because now everything is digital and has the photos to prove it”, “the impasses over payment of truck bills are over”.

Those who make the first measurements with Timbeter find it easy to use and with precise results. The next step is to implement it in the daily processes and get the most out of the data provided by Timbeter.  

Why was it important to create a Brazilian branch for Timbeter?

Brazil provides a fertile ecosystem for innovation and we are part of that. We seek to expand our synergy with public and private partners who are looking for green technology, which facilitates the achievement of sustainable development objectives and overall contributing to efficiency and transparency. Now when many companies need to address the issues of EUDR (the regulation of EU for wood traceability) we are here to support our clients to meet the requirements of the legislation.

Why do you like working for Timbeter?

I like that the technology company is run by women.  Also, I like that everyone in forestry can be using Timbeter that makes it really accessible. Every customer is very special and that is really motivating. We at the Brazil office and each member of our team are here as part of a project to change forestry, making it more sustainable and transparent and fighting against illegal logging. 

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What are your words for Timbeter users in Brazil?

I see each person using Timbeter as an agent of the digital transformation of the industry. It is really powerful energy that comes from the communication with different users across the country. Brazil is a great example of how Timbeter can be used in countless situations and far beyond traditional wood measurement. In our portfolio, from pulp and paper companies to the steel and dairy industries, we see how the wood value chain goes far beyond its traditional uses. With Timbeter, in addition to reliable, transparent and objective data, companies can count on better control and compliance with current legislation.

Do you want to know more about how Timbeter can transform your forestry production chain? Contact us at info@timbeter.com and schedule a meeting today.

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