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Containers and shipping

Containers and shipping


The counting and measurement of logs when loading into containers is both time-consuming, monotonous and errors will easily occur. Traditionally, logs are measured one-by-one, data is written on paper, and is taken to the office and data inserted into an excel spreadsheet. Each container consists of multiple stacks and in most cases, several containers are loaded simultaneously.

The average time to count and measure one shipping container is approximately 45 minutes. After the measurements have been made, there’s still the paperwork that needs to be done.

Data insertion and compilation of the bill of lading requires time. Measurement reports easily get mixed up and it may happen that clients receive information that is far different from what was written in the bill of lading. Quite often disagreements arise. Companies can argue for months because when the container with timber reaches its final destination (typically taking up to 2-3 months) there are some logs missing, volumes don’t match or that the log quality has changed from what was expected.

Timbeter Container Solution

By using Timbeter Container users can take a picture of every load and quickly obtain the information on the piece count, the volume, and the diameters of each individual log. Timbeter Container minimizes possible human errors during both measuring timber and subsequent data entry.

In Timbeter Container all the digital measurement belongs to the container and each container belongs to a certain bill of lading. Therefore the needed paperwork can be done quickly. Information is easily shared via a link with the receiving party. Buyers can see in advance the quality of the wood and potential disagreements can easily be avoided. If there is disagreement then the packs can be re-measured in the web-based storage module. With Timbeter Container bill of ladings and container measurements are easily shared, so if there are disagreements, digital footprints are always available to assess and remedy the situation.

In addition, users have a real-time overview of all their measurements made, so it is easy to analyze and share data and react quickly to changes in the market.

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