Learn how Timbeter is helping various forestry related industries.

Forestry Organizations

Forestry Organizations


Timbeter cooperates with several forestry organizations around the globe and found that the problems they face are typically very similar. Large forestry corporates, growing and harvesting trees need information on the volumes and diameters to maximize the value of every single log and optimize the logistics.

Typically the information on the volumes in the stock is incorrect and therefore the trucks are not fully utilized and the truck-drivers wait long hours while their trucks are loaded/unloaded. Additionally, saw-logs ended up in pulp stacks and were sold for the price of pulpwood.

Timbeter solution

Companies began using Timbeter to measure the volumes in different stocks. Information is available in real-time for logistics planners so they can plan trucks accordingly. The correct information allows drivers to maximize the utilization of their vehicles and minimize their waiting time.

The price of the logs depends much on their diameters and quality. Pulpwood logs are cheaper than sawlogs and therefore it makes sense to sort out the saw-logs. Different saw-mills accept different diameter-ranges and therefore it is important for the right assortments to end in the right production facilities.

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