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Wood poles

Wood poles


Even though counting the number of poles seems an easy task, yet, in reality, it is not. Taken into consideration the high value of every single pole (40-foot treated utility pole ranges from between $400 and $600 depending on its class type) then losing even one single pole can result in large costs to companies.

The problem with measuring poles manually is that it is tough to prove.  Often the amount counted do not correlate, it’s the buyers vs sellers. It becomes more challenging if the poles are moved to other locations, or a section of poles have been taken away or added to the pile. Poles could be unloaded to an incorrect place or a delivery mixed up – the mistakes in pole count and volume continually build up. Errors occur and disputes between parties become more frequent.

The second problem concerns inventories. There are a lot of poles and conducting inventories is often time consuming and laborious. For more substantial manufacturers, it may take up to 3 working days each month to conduct inventories.

Timbeter Log Counter Solution

Timbeter provides objective digital proof of every measurement that can be retrieved online to settle disputes. Pole count disagreements can be removed within minutes. Not only do producers and buyers obtain the pole count, but also diameter distribution, pole volumes, and the location where the measurement was taken. Timbeter can also detect the poles with small diameters, for example, 5-10 cm.

For inventories, Timbeter provides an effective solution. Active storage status provides information regarding different assortments or diameter ranges in the stock. An inventory can be quickly conducted and if any disparities occur, then this can be quickly remedied in the active storage status.

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