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Precision forestry platform for logistics optimization

Precision forestry platform for logistics optimization

This project is supported by Norway Grants “Green ICT” program

The aim of the project is to enhance the current Timbeter solution for timber measurement, that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, with additional novel functionalities

Implementation Period:

The implementation period is 01.09.2020 – 30.06.2022

Goal of the Project:

The aim of the project „Precision forestry platform for logistics optimization“ is to enhance the current Timbeter solution for timber measurement, that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, with additional novel functionalities. As a result of the project, Timbeter will be able to increase its market share and competitiveness on the Scandinavian market.

Progress of the project:

  • Logistics module – on-going development, ready for testing by the end of Q3
  • Sales module – analysis phase

*TASK 1. Preparation of development process, including conducting the analysis of service and software requirements – ended

*TASK 2. Development of API and prototype of front-end API has ended. Truck route mapping and document generation in progress

*TASK3. Piloting and improvement – start of the activities Q4 2021

Project results:

The project „Precision forestry platform for logistics optimization“ will create, in cooperation with a Norwegian partner, advanced forest measurement, data management and supply chain management tool. The advanced service will be priced as a separate product and the Scandinavian market will be targeted.

During the development project, the following features are planned to be added to the current solution in order to develop a novel and highly enhanced product:

  • Logistics module for efficient logistics planning and tracking the cargo in real-time;
  • Sales module for generation of sales transaction documentation;

Our mission with Timbeter is to conserve central but limited resources in forestry: trees, manpower and the driveway kilometers.

Project’s partners:

Timbeter OÜ (Estonia)

International Development Norway (Norway).

Grant amount:

EUR 224 820,9

Overview of target groups:

Generally, TIMBETER is targeted to companies, working in the forestry sector, who organize and conduct felling and are involved in the process of timber trade, etc. Focus is on private and public SMEs as they are most unlikely to be able to afford expensive industrial machinery for timber measurement (e.g. laser scanners for sawmills).

Main target groups include the following:

  • Forestry organizations (involved in the supervision of forestry management and timber trade control, setting standards for the timber measurement, etc.);
  • Forest owners (private owners, state forests, etc.) responsible for forestry management and logging;
  • Sawmills;
  • Paper wood producers, loggers;
  • Timber trucks and transportation companies, who are involved in the timber transportation;
  • Operators of warehouses and ports.

The customer segments are also divided into groups according to the target market: Estonia (local market) and Nordic countries (export markets).


On 28th and 29th of July were hosted webinars – “Learn how to efficiently manage the timber supply chain digitally” as a part of the project.


In the course of this project the aim was to develop a solution that could help timber logistics companies to get a transparent overview of the movement of the trucks in real-time and in retrospect, optimize and use the already available smart-device sensor data to track and export data in a way that would dynamically suit the needs of various customers.

During the time we developed:

  • API methods to track truck measurements from their starting point until the destination. All truck routes are saved in the database and can be viewed in real-time and in retrospect.
  • Web application views to manage, handle and view Truck Measurement routes, to edit the truck measurements and export the related data.
  • The architecture to export various reports to fit the client’s needs.
  • Android capabilities for tracking the truck measurements in the background.
  • Automatic timber stack detection on trucks from the side. Where users don’t have to manually mark the heights of the truck packages.
  • A third-party sensor capability to measure the truck heights without any need for a physical reference on the level of the timber.

All in all goals were achieved – detecting the routes of trucks precisely. This enables to calculate the exact CO2 emissions of the trucks and to optimize the logistics to reduce emissions.

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